Monday, July 24, 2006

Weekly Advertising Rant

Ok. I'm tired of advertising for feminine hygiene products. Not because I can't deal with the subject matter. Please. I'm a big girl.

No, I'm tired of it because the ads are horribly stupid. They treat women as though they don't have a thought in the world when they have their periods other than chocolate, salt, and choosing a feminine product.

Now, in my experience, most women I know tend to stick with thier favorite product unless that product makes some kind of change. Personally, I've been using the same brand since it came out (which is probably more information than you wanted to know), and before that I used what my mom used. I only switched once when they made a change I didn't like, but I switched back when they brought back their original model.

My point in giving you all this way-too-personal information is that women aren't likely to switch their preferences based on a TV ad. Therefore the companies that make such products are wasting their money, and passing the cost onto the consumer.

Join me next week when I rant about how lame beer commercials have become.

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