Wednesday, July 26, 2006

If you don't already have a g-mail account, you must get one simply for the entertainment value of the spam. I've written about it before, but I just wanted to share a couple of my current favorites with y'all.

Subject lines

Your future, onion maggot
Better life, wood nut
Your cash, non-gaelic
Hi, Pan-China
Better success, wood-girt

Names of Senders
Hung Sheperd (like I could make that up!)
Hershel Lozano
Shera Delinda
Sanjuana Angelina
Alden Mahoney (which I think sounds really cool and I will probably steal to replace a name in the thing I'm currently writing)
Brear Woody

Why yes, I am easily amused.

Also, I have watched the same episode of Blue Collar TV three out of the last four weeks. I don't understand that.

Oh, and I really like the new Cingular commercial with the mother and daughter.

I'm afraid that my ankle hurting may be a clot. It's the same leg I ran over with the van. They told me I could have problems with clots later in life. I also have two big bruises on my calf that appeared as if from nowhere.

Oh, and I just put on a sweater I haven't worn in a while because it felt like it fit too tight. It not only fits, it is loose. Yay.

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