Thursday, July 06, 2006

So I spent the whole day submitting resumes for jobs I don't want. It was not fun. It was, however exhausting, even though it is 1:18 a.m. and I am still wide awake. Sigh.

I took Benadryl the past two nights to get to sleep. I didn't want to take it tonight, because I don't want to grow to depend on it, and because it leaves me groggy the next day. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I don't want to be groggy for that.

I'm a little worried about my financial situation, but I'm not going to stress yet. It's just worry about the unemployment thing that has me stressed. I'm still afraid I'm going to get turned down, even though they told me I was approved.

Other than applying for jobs, I did nothing of substance today. I feel vaguely guilty about that.

And just as a final note, I'm watching Martin Scorsese's documentary about Bob Dylan on PBS right now. You know, for a long time I got Bob Dylan and Dylan Thomas confused. That was because I first encountered Bob Dylan in a poetry anthology when I was in high school. That's what happens when one of your parents grew up with Big Band, and the other grew up with all those 50's groups, I guess. Neither one of my parents were exactly the folk/protest music type anyhow.

So on that note, I shall depart for the evening. Bet you expected me to quote lyrics here. Nah.

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