Sunday, July 09, 2006

Daily Update

First of all, remember my decision to live my life according to the signs and billboards I pass? I finally figured out why I am so confused. I drove by Outback Steakhouse tonight, and their signboard said, "Beat Summer the Aussie Way - Try Our Margaritas." Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but margaritas aren't really an Australian thing, right?

OK, now the real reason I'm here. If you ever need to order printer supplies, you must go to this site. I heard about LaserMonks a long time ago, and looked at their site, but I never ordered before today. The toner cartridge I got for my printer (remanufactured) was two dollars less than the cheapest online price I found, and $10 less than the cheapest price I found in the stores here - including shipping. Shipping is only $4.95 on orders up to $50, and they have office products now, too. But the best part (other than the savings), is that all the profits the monks make (and they do make a tidy profit) go to various charities after what they need to sustain their community is deducted. They have made some significant contributions to some really worthwhile charities. Oh, and they have bulk rates for businesses, and savings programs for schools, churches, and non-profits as well, so if you are in a decision making position, you might want to give them a look.

Oh, and you can send them prayer requests, too, even without ordering anything {grin}.

I have an interview Monday with a different temp agency. They have an interesting position available with better pay than my last job. We shall see, I suppose.

What of Monday, I will also be on the highest dose of thyroid medicine available. My levels are getting better, but they still aren't where they need to be. This time they were a 12 (from 17 last time), but they need to be a 2. My doctor told me Thursday that she was going to bump up the dosage to the max if it wasn't a whole lot better this time.

If I seem a week, don't worry. Whenever my dosage gets increased, I get really hyper for a few days to a week. I can't seem to stop talking (and if no one is around, I will talk to myself), and I will actually sing in public, a rare thing outside of church. With this jump, I'm expecting to see that even more, because it will double my current dosage.

OK. Off to look at Sunday's classifieds before sleeping.

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