Monday, July 10, 2006

My Day

So here's how my day went. After you read this, tell me that God doesn't have a sense of humor.

I got up this morning and got ready for my interview. It was pouring down rain. We haven't been able to buy a raindrop here for months, and on the day I have an interview (and can't find my umbrella) it rains.

The skirt I planned to wear today, that I wrote about yesterday? Well, I did wear it, but I discovered that when you wear something that is too big, and you actually have to move in what you are wearing, it doesn't matter if you have hips or not. Yeah, it kept slipping down. It never slipped enough to be embarrassing, but my shirt kept coming untucked. It wouldn't have been so bad if I could have worn a jacket, but a) the jacket is a whole lot too big, and it makes me look frumpy, and b) South Louisiana in summer is roughly 10 degrees hotter than hell.

So I get there, and the first thing they do is give me an IQ test. It was easy. The recruiter person finally interviewed me, and she went over my resume and tests (I also had to take a bunch of computer tests over the weekend - I type 60 words a minute sitting cross-legged on my couch with my keyboard on my lap.). She told me that I was way overqualified for admin work. I wanted to say, "No Shit," but I refrained (pardon my language if you have sensitive ears. It's been that kind of day.). Then she asked me how I would feel about working in a call center. A CALL CENTER!!! I'm overqualified to be an executive assistant, but I can work in a call center?? I told her that that really would not be my preference (read: I would rather pluck my eyes out with flaming sporks), but income is the most important thing right now. She said she'd be in touch.

So then, I'm left the building and checked my cell phone. I had it on vibrate, so I knew I missed a call. It was one of the companies who asked me to apply based on my Monster resume. She wanted to know if I had faxed my application yet (I hadn't), and told me that the hiring manager wanted me to come in for an interview. I'm interviewing with him at 1 p.m. on Wednesday. Yay.

Well, after I left there, I drove to Kinko's to fax the application. Well, on the way, I got another call. Some financial planning firm saw my resume on Monster and wanted me to interview. I'm interviewing with them on Monday. It is not even close to what I want to do (sales work always makes me feel guilty), but who knows?

Well, I got to Kinko's only to discover that the first company's fax number was not on the application, and I didn't have it written down. Now had I been thinking, I would have called the recruiter back and asked for it, or I simply would have logged onto one of their computers to check my e-mail and get it. I, however, am stupid, and I drove all the way home to get it. Now, Kinko's is a pretty good distance from my apartment, and I'm poor. Not to mention the fact that my car is eating gasoline the way an addict consumes...whatever they are addicted to. That did not make me happy.

So I got home and the power was out. Fortunately, I did have the number written down outside my e-mail. So I drove all the way back to Kinko's, faxed the resume and drove home again. The power was still out. If it weren't hotter than Hell (literally, remember), I just would have stayed home and waited it out. But it is hotter than hell, so I didn't. I got lunch at Sonic, then went and hung out at the library for a while.

I got home, and I had a message from the student loan people telling me they were taking my payment out of my account next Monday. That will be a really funny feat, because I don't have that much money in my checking account. Oh, and I had a note from my building manager. Apparently, they are charging me a late fee for this month, even though I paid my rent on time, because I hadn't paid the late fees from last month. And, they are charging me late fees on my late fees. Something about that doesn't quite sound legal to me.

Well, I got an e-mail from Walgreen's telling me my prescription was ready. I assumed it was my thyroid medicine, because I looked online to see what the dosage was (not as high as I was expecting, but I have to get my blood checked sooner). The only problem was they had the wrong medication listed there. My doctor said I have to have the brand name medicine because the generic isn't as potent (it has something to do with the way the hormone is synthesized). So I went to the pharmacy, armed with my new prescription discount number that is supposed to save me 40% on the cost of this medicine.

I pointed out the mistake to the pharmacist, and she did say that it was called in for the brand and fixed it. So the tech went to ring me up, and the number I had from the prescription discount people didn't work, so I had to pay full price. So she rings me up and gives me a total of $231. My heart nearly dropped into my shoes. I knew that couldn't be right.

Well, it turns out that a prescription for antibiotics that I dropped off almost a month ago, when I still had insurance, was finally in. They must have had to order them from the moon. Those antibiotics were $166 dollars. I told them to forget about it. If I lived for the past month without dying from an MRSA infection, I figured I'm probably OK. If they had had the antibiotic when I had insurance, it would have been $20. I shouldn't have to pay that much when it was the pharmacy's fault that they didn't have the medicine. So "only" ended up paying $50 for the thyroid medicine and a part of another prescription they didn't have enough to fill that same day.

So that's where I am. My finances are getting dicey, and I still haven't gotten my unemployment. I may be posting that food wish list soon. Pray I get a job soon.

Well, I need to figure out what I am going to wear on Wednesday as none of my professional clothes fit right anymore. I do have a tan skirt I could wear, but it is kind of casual. If I had a jacket to dress it up, I wouldn't be as worried. I'll figure it out, I suppose.

You know, it's funny. As long and as...stressful as today was, this is the most alive I've felt in weeks. I guess it just took getting out of the house. I may try doing that more often. The library is free, and Barnes and Noble will let you hang out forever.

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