Thursday, July 13, 2006

Desperation Not So Quiet

Well, I have less than $100 in my checking account. I still haven't received any unemployment. I still don't have a job (I have another interview this afternoon). My electric bill is due, and they won't make payment arrangements. The student loan people are going to take money out of my account Monday come heck or high water.

I have officially hit the desperation point. I updated my sidebar (finally) with all those links (though Tim, I spelled your site name wrong - I will fix that) that I keep meaning to put there. I put my Amazon wish list over there as well. If you would like to feed the author (literally), please click on it. It is all food.

Of course, I'm not averse to monetary contributions, either. You can
e-mail me
if you want my PayPal information.

And even if you can't help me temporally, please, please pray. I think that is the most important help of all.

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