Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Well, I solved my clothing problem for tomorrow. I found a skirt that I forgot I had that is a size smaller - plus I accidentally shrunk it because I didn't read the washing instructions. It fits perfectly now, and looks really good. I just have to find a top to wear with it and I'm set. It's black, and I'm thinking red because it's supposed to be a power color. But I'm afraid that it will make me look even paler than I am. We'll see.

I have a new dilemma, now, though. The recruiter called and asked me to bring writing samples. I'm not worried about that in terms of quality, but most of my business-type writing, including the training manuals I did, were saved on my work computer. They wouldn't let me keep those files when I left. That's a problem.

Now, I do have things that I wrote when I was at the CCC, but those are prayer services and the like. And I do have some academic writing. Should I take those with me? I'm going to take the curriculum proposal I wrote for the dream teaching job a couple of years ago, and I think I may try to recreate the Excel manual I wrote, just to show I know how to work with graphics. I just feel like those examples don't really showcase how capable I am.

I really wish my printer cartridge would come today (I know it isn't going to, though). It costs 49 cents a page to print at Kinkos. I had used my friend J's printer in the past, but she has been told that if she associates with me outside of work, she could be risking her job.

I really want this job. The corporate culture sounds wonderful, it's in a great industry for the current times, and I would be writing full time. I really don't want to do anything to mess up this opportunity.

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