Thursday, July 20, 2006

Gmail spammers are getting more creative. Witness these two gems I received today:

Opus anglicum pancake bell Non-jew Pan-america
never-conqueredoff-cutting parcel-deaf once-born open-bladed nine-knot
pale-tinted mortar bed one-toed nigh-ebbed naked-tailed paradise seed mis-stroke
paraffin wax pale-green mis-heed nitrogen monoxide mince pie mis-tilled palm
beetle paschal candle palm squirrel mummy brown mountain flax mild-scented
myrtle bird naphtha distiller middle-classism

I know it's just a series of words, but there is something poetic about it. Now here's the real bit of brillance:

Getting dumber. But what am I saying, I've been
dealing with fools all my

secondly, he's
been kind of strange lately." Arthur laughed and shook his

the left. The current was stronger. Some where
between them and the

Redrick felt a barely perceptible current of air
on his left cheek and

his eyes, probably because he no longer had
eyebrows or eyelashes. Arthur

they all drawn to this quarry? Why hadn't I heard
anything about it? Damn

"That's not important whether or not I believe.
You answer my

know me better than I know myself. You're getting
old, that must be it.

embankment there was a mosquito mange, or maybe
it extended along the

is stronger than greed. He saw all of this and
took it into account, and

pain, Mr. Schuhart."the sweat break out on her
shoulder against his. They lay there and

"Stop," he told Arthur.
and it was even nicer to drink now than alcohol.
It smelled of home. Of

"I don't need that for courage, Mr. Schuhart. I'd
rather have coffee,It's probably the most valuable thing in the Zone! And who
should have it?

Since childhood he had relied on nothing but
himself. And since childhood

bowl with Noonan's favorite salad on the

smooth." Arthur shook his head, hurt.Noonan's a
fool: Redrick, Red, you violate the balance, you destroy the

That's the
truth. Dick was right about that. You have a house, you have a

among the rocks and rubble stood a bulldozer, its
lowered bucket jammed

his sweet Artie, his one and only son, that his
pride and joy had gone into

willows are a little thicker. That's the way.
You're off!"

them back?"
am I worrying about it? What am I,

embankment there was a mosquito mange, or maybe
it extended along the

really low. Ah, the hell with it. Does it matter?
I went. So here I am. Why

system? He slipped on a stone that turned under
his foot, and fell in. He

hot coals were pouring over him, and his clothing
was in flames and the

it won't harm her. They even say that they
generate good health."

they found! Drop it, he told himself. You have to
think first, and then use

through the puddles. He was limping and did not
look as straight and

voice, which promised unheard-of marvelous places
and times, and Kirill

the pleasure of the wet, icy caress. Arthur
gurgled, moved about, braced

willows were dry and rotten. Redrick looked
around, but for now everythingf

irst-aid kit had burst to hell, and a damp spot
reeked of antiseptic.

embankment there was a mosquito mange, or maybe
it extended along the

such a
fantastic-looking woman could actually be a plastic fake, a dummy.

will be like later."Forget it," Redrick said
firmly and sat up. "Give it here. There's

is like his father's, he does. If you only knew
how things were turning out,

feet from the swamp, and turn him over on his
back. Well, he used to be a

"Forget it," Redrick said firmly and sat up.
"Give it here. There's

soaked in deodorant, stuffed up his nostrils, and
offered some to Arthur.

forgot about the disappointment --not forgot,
just refused to accept what

many of the tales had it. It lay where it had
fallen. Maybe it had fallen

nearest hill a hundred steps from the rocks. "Got
it? Let's go."

suddenly exploded without any warning like a
hydrogen bomb The assistant who

and leave all his filth behind. That's what you
deserve, he told himself.

and all of him covered with a crust of oozing
slime, and he felt no pity, no

against the side of the truck, wiped his hands
against the small rocks, and

Redrick opened the pack and started picking out
the slivers of glass and

unconscious on the sidewalk and Redrick chased
the other three for four

could be seen the mottled surface of the stagnant
swamps, covered with

said looking around:
He suddenly felt that there was something ahead
of them--not far, some

"Yes," said Arthur. "I wish I could wash up.
Everything's sticking.

I love the last line of this.

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