Monday, July 17, 2006

The Details

So, the job.

Well, I'll be working as a proposal writer for a company whose main client is Homeland Security. Basically, they'll submit a request for a proposal to deal with a particular emergency situation (chemical spill, nuclear disaster, hurricane, terrorist attack, etc). My job will be to define and clarify the problem, communicate with the techie types who can actually come up with ways to deal with that stuff, and translate it into language that bureaucrats can understand. It sounds really cool.

It pays $6K more than my last job, the company pays 80% medical, all dental, vision, and life, and they offer 401K.

Oh, and as long as you look presentable, you can wear whatever you want to work unless you are meeting a client. How cool is that? Very, in this ubearable heat.

Now all I have to do is pass the background check. I'm actually a little worried about that. I read an article last week about these two old ladies who worked in the cafeteria in the federal building in Pittsburgh who were deemed unacceptable by Homeland Security. Hopefully, my defaulted student loan, my tickets for expired inspection and expired insurance, and bleeding heart liberal tendencies won't do me in.

Oh, and I came home to find an eviction notice taped to my door. I know I'm paid up on rent except for late fees, so I tracked down the manager when she was walking her dog. She said not to worry about it since I was always on time until I lost my job, and since I currently have an offer and a start date. and since after next month I'll be on time again.

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Tim said...

That's super! Sounds like a pretty interesting job too, good luck!