Tuesday, December 18, 2007

TV thoughts

So there is nothing on on Tuesdays, so I find myself watching The Biggest Loser. That show is so unfair and stupid.
First, it totally isn't fair to pit men and women against each other. No wonder they've never had a woman win. Men have naturally faster metabolisms. Men don't have the hormonal issues women have. It is easier for them to lose weight. That is a biological fact.
Second, people with thyroid conditions don't stand a chance. Is it any wonder that the bottom two of the final four both have thyroid problems? Even when controlled, that makes it harder to lose weight. (And yes, I know they never said Isabeau had a thyroid problem, but I know a goiter when I see one - I had one)
Third, the "at home" portion of the competition favors those who don't work, or who don't work crazy hours. I know that when I work 12 or 14 hour days (or longer) the last thing I want to do is cook dinner and then work out for several hours.
Fourth, product placement. OK. This has nothing to do with fairness, but the product placement on that show is out of control. When they are pushing Ziplock bags and Extra gum as diet aids, that is just insane.
Finally, and this has nothing to do with fairness either, this show promotes an unrealistic view of weight loss and fitness. I'm sorry, but even in a controlled environment with all kinds of medical supervision, it can't possibly be health to lose close to 150 pounds in 14 weeks, as a couple contestants did. Doctors warn about that kind of thing. But people who watch this at home and haven't discussed these issues with a doctor don't realize this and either set unrealistic goals and give up when they can't reach them or push themselves too hard and end up sick.
I just don't like that show. But if the writer's strike isn't settled, I guess I'll probably watch the next installment, too. Unless one of the other networks can come up with a better alternative. Take it as a challenge, networks!

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