Sunday, December 23, 2007

So I'm watching that CBS show, "In the Name of God" or whatever it is. One of the things they asked all the religious leaders about was faith and doubt. If they asked Pope Benedict, I missed it, but they did for sure ask the Archbishop of Canterbury, the presiding bishop of the ELCA (who is also president of the the Lutheran World Federation) and the president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Both of the two bishops admitted to having doubts, but nevertheless trusting their faith in God - even when it was hard. The Southern Baptist Guy said he never has any doubts about anything. I don't know quite what to make of that.

I did, however, make a big batch of corn chowder. It is yummy, and I have lunch for the next two weeks. Tomorrow, I am making beef tips and noodles, another favorite dish. Yes, I'm trying to cook more. I find that if I use the crockpot, I'm much more likely to cook regularly. I can do the prep work at night and then just throw everything together in the morning.

One final note - I don't think I have ever heard a hymn sound better on the organ than "Joy to the World." We sang that today, and organist played the living heck out of that song. I didn't know it was an Advent song, but our worship book identifies it that way. I think it would fit better on the third Sunday, but I guess the Christmas program takes presidence (sigh).

And since when do Southern Baptists do trinitarian baptisms? The Southern Baptist guy on this show just did one. I thought they only baptized in the name of Jesus. When I worked with RCIA, former Baptists always had to be catechumens (those seeking Baptism) rather than just candidates (those seeking full communion through the Eucharist and Confirmation) for just that reason, even if they had already been baptized.

Huh. You learn something new every day


Tim said...
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Tim said...

JOY TO THE WORLD is probably my second favorite Christmas song, after OH COME OH COME EMMANUEL.

Hope you have a joyous Christmas Sheryl!