Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Made a couple small changes to my template. Sorry the sidebar looks weird. Still trying to get rid of the corners, and they are more noticeable with the widened sidebar.

You'll see there is a new thing over there under "Make a Difference." Kiva.org is an organization that provides microloans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. The ask individual "lenders" to make loans of $25 each. The badge over there is of the group I loaned to. They are expanding a pig farming operation, and need the money to build more pig sties.

And it really is a loan. When the lendee pays back their loan, you get your money back, which you can either keep or loan to someone else.

I did my research and discovered that all of the money you loan goes directly to the lendee. You have the option of adding 10% (a whole $2.50) to help with administrative costs. I like that.

So, if you have $25 burning a hole in your pocket, think about this organization. Sounds worth it to me.

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