Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Still a Little Sick...

...and awake for no apparent reason. At least I got four solid hours sleep last night. That's an improvement over most of this weekend. My ears are still clogged though (except when I'm laying down - wonder where the gook goes then?), and my voice leaves something to be desired. And when I talk out loud with any kind of volume, I start coughing. That should make the meetings I have to lead today extra fun.

The lead story on the news here in the Ol' Red Stick continues to be the fact that LSU is playing for the national championship. There have been more angles to that story than you can imagine in the past couple days. And there is still a month to go.

I'm not terribly invested in the game one way or the other, though for the sake of my physical safety, I will say I'm pulling for LSU. Still, it's hard not to get caught up in the excitement of virtually everyone else in the city. I have to give folks credit here for being passionate about their team. As a Pittsburgher, I can appreciate that.

I suppose this means that I need to give in and actually buy an article of clothing that celebrates the purple and gold. I've resisited for five years. The only LSU thing I own is a blanket, and that's only because my office is generally freezing, and that's the only cheap, fleece blanket Walgreen's had.

In other news, I think I may be able to give in and buy a car in January. I would prefer to wait a couple more months, but I'm just afraid to.

Oh well. I suppose I could go into work early. I really don't want to, though. I may be awake, but that doesn't mean I'm feeling ambitious.

Sigh. I hate being sick.

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