Sunday, December 02, 2007

LSU is playing for the national championship. They are playing Ohio State. Everyone is apparently very happy to hear the noise in my building (what I can hear of it, anyhow. It's kind of muted).
So, Tim and to wager?


LutherPunk said...

Once again, a team from the SEC will have to smack around OSU and remind them that real football is played south of the Mason-Dixon line!

Geaux Tigers!

(Personal note: my grandparents are LSU boosters, and my very first college football game was LSU v. Bama at Death Valley when I was 6. I've been an addict since! Granted, I attended UF, but pull for LSU so long as they are not playing my alma mater)

tomzgrrl said...

I told Husband that, with OSU and LSU in the Championship game, I was going to have to speak at least a little bit of smack to you on his behalf.

Go Buckeyes. Really. Go. Woo. Hoo.

(Can you tell that I did NOT grow up an OSU fan? That I married into it? I told him that I would never give up the Steelers but he could have me rooting for the Buckeyes.)

Go Buckeyes.