Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boy, I'm Having a Bad Day

I had a document get all corrupted on me while I was working on it. This is a document that has to be completed and driven 50 miles away by 11 a.m. I had to recreate the whole thing, and I'm less than halfway done. Plus, I have a whole 'nother document that goes with it that I haven't even touched. Nor have I done resumes.

Plus, I have to oversee all the other proposal stuff that's going on because boss and number 1 proposal coordinator are both out all week.

They are never allowed to take vacation at the same time again (I almost wrote "together" but then I realized that implied something that I totally didn't mean to imply. Though they are in the same state. But it's Texas, and that doesn't mean much. Plus, number 1 proposal coordinator is female, and Boss is a gay man). I do not like being in charge.

So why am I here instead? I needed a mental break.

OK. Back to work.

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