Thursday, December 27, 2007


Just a little more on the "lovingkindness" thing.

LP mentioned in a comment that he had always seen that particular Hebrew word translated as "steadfast love". I find that really interesting, because those two things (lovingkindness and steadfast love) seem to express somewhat different ideas.

This is why I really love Scripture. There are so many levels when you really study it. And when you think about how many different versions of the Bible exist, both in common usage and outdated ones, it's truly amazing. I love to see how the commonly used modern versions (NAB, NIV, NRSV, and even NKJV) both parallel and differ from each other.

I get that feeling every weekend at church. I've spent most of my life hearing the Sunday readings from the Catholic lectionary, which uses the NAB version of the Bible. Now, the lectionary readings are from the NRSV (which is actually the version my Sacred Scriptures prof. used in college). Now, after 30 some years of both hearing and proclaiming the same readings on a three year cycle, I pretty much had them all close to memorized. But now, hearing the same readings from the NRSV, it's like its a revelation. Those subtle differences in language can add layers of meaning.

If I had unlimited money and unlimited time, I would so go back to school to study Scripture. I have nine credits in it already, and I loved every minute of those three classes. I wish there was a graduate-level mainline seminary around here. Even if I couldn't afford to actually take classes, I would see about auditing for my own knowledge.

That's the one thing I really wish my congregation did more of - either Bible study, or a book study, or something like that. We have one Bible study a week, and it's at 11 a.m. on Wednesday and is comprised of people old enough to be my great-grandparents. I would love to do something with other adults (some of whom aren't retirees), but apparently it is really hard to get people to do anything in our church in the evenings during the week. We are small, and so many people consider themselves a part of the LSU community first, and anything else comes after that.


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LutherPunk said...

You know, there are a host of sems starting online programs. Maybe that would provide you an outlet. Also, given your interests, have you ever considered becoming an AIM or a Deaconess?