Tuesday, December 25, 2007


If you can find them, you have to try No Pudge Fudge Brownies. Someone whose blog I read regularly turned me on to them, and I just tried them for the first time.

Basically, everything in the mix is natural (meaning no high fructose corn syrup), and you make it with vanilla yogurt instead of oil and eggs. If you can find fat-free yogurt, the brownies are fat free. I couldn't - or at least I couldn't find any that didn't have high fructose corn syrup (except for some ridiculously expensive organic stuff), so I bought low-fat Dannon Natural, which only adds 3 grams of fat, which is next to nothing. They are in the oven now, and smell sooo good. And the mix tasted wonderful - bonus: you can eat the mix without fear because there is no raw egg in it.

For those of you in the Ohio area, I know you can find it at Kroger, and if there is an Albertson's in your area, you may be able to find it there. Otherwise, Google it, and it should take you to a website with a list of stores that carry it.

I'll let you know how they taste later.

I'm making chicken in the crock pot. It does, in fact, cook all the way through, but the skin does not get crisp, despite the pictures. Oh, and you may want to use a baster to drain fluid every now and then, at least if you use a fryer. I couldn't find a roaster, and I know they have less fat than fryers.

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