Saturday, December 01, 2007

Read this Article...

...about The Golden Compass, a movie that has just opened or is opening soon.

I will say that I never got through the book, not because of any anti-religious themes, but because I didn't like Pullman's writing style.

Somewhere on the second page of the article, someone says that kids read books and watch movies differently than adults. They do. Kids don't go looking for a writer's agenday. They are interested in the plot and characters, not in any kind of hidden plot to undermine some belief system.

I won't be seeing the movie for the same reason I didn't finish the book. But frankly, Focus on the Family and the Catholic League need to relax and trust parents to raise their kids with the right values. If parents do that, outside influences in the media aren't going to affect the child's belief system. They will just be entertainment.

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