Wednesday, June 21, 2006


So I interviewed for a software trainer position last night. It went well, I think. I'm waiting to hear what the next step is on that one.

Also got an interview for a teaching position at a private school here on Friday morning. The guy who founded the school is a bit of an independent spirit - a former hippie type. I could actually enjoy teaching there, I think.

I feel like I should be more stressed about all this stuff. I lost my job, can't collect unemployment, and may be losing my health insurance at the end of the month (depending on how much COBRA costs) with potential serious issues looming on the horizon. But I'm actually feeling rather confident and calm, which is unusual for me. Guess either the therapy or the medicine, or both have helped.

No word on the biopsies, but I'm not expecting anything until Friday. I do wish the incision sites would heal, though.

Guess that's all for now. Will write more later, I guess.

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