Monday, June 12, 2006

I Lost My Job Today

Strangely, I'm not upset. Well, I'm not upset beyond being very insecure financially.

Working at that company was becoming a detriment to my health, if I am to be completely honest. I wasn't happy. My skills weren't being fully utilized. And truthfully, I was feeling rather negative about the company lately.

The actual reasons given aren't important (supposed insubordination - no unemployment that way). I could see this coming a mile away, even as I was being told my job was secure. When Boss Lady resigned, the writing was on the wall. It is hard to be a project manager when the person you were managing projects for no longer works for the company.

And thanks to Boss Lady, who I thought was a friend, I may not have the other job with the vendor I wrote about. Even though I broke my back to make his application work because I believe in it.

You know what? I'm not upset. I am angry that I bought into the company line that if you work in corporate, you can't have a life outside of that company. I'm angry at me.

Though I do want to know why she didn't bring up any of this stuff when I had my review two weeks ago. Everything was peachy keen then.

If you happen upon this page and you think about it, say a little prayer for me, please.


Freak Magnet said...

Prayer said. Everything happens for a reason. Just wait, and good things will come. I promise.

tomzgrrl said...

Consider the prayers said, my friend. My mantra in the corporate world and lost jobs has been this: They don't take away my abilities, talents, and what I can do. They only take away *where* I am currently doing it.

Stay strong and know that your talents and gifts will find a home.

Let nothing disturb thee. Let nothing frighten thee. Everything is changing. God alone is changeless. Patience attains the goal. The one who has God lacks nothing. God alone fills all our needs.

Tim said...

I'm sorry about you losing your job, but I'm glad you aren't that upset about it. That will help keep you in a better frame of mind to find something else. Remember God is watching over you, so have faith Sheryl!