Monday, June 19, 2006

I Hate the Medical Establishment

In my reply to TG's comment two posts down, I detailed the various medical stuff I have endured this year to reassure her I wasn't scared of having a mammogram, just annoyed by yet another test. Well, you can add one more procedure to the list.

Went to the dermatologist today because of the repeated staph infections. She agreed that there is apparently a colony somewhere in my body, and that a month of low-dose antibiotics should knock it out, though she said that until my thyroid is under control (because it apparently messes with your immune system, too), I have to use this special medicinal soap that smells like medicine. Joy.

Anyway, she said that as long as I was there, she might as well check out my moles, since I am fair skinned and living in a climate that was not made for fair skinned people (add to that the fact that I was once young and stupid and didn't wear sunscreen when I should have). Well, she found two that were suspicious. One, I was actually a little concerned about, but the other I didn't think was a problem. Plus she found two more she said have to be closely watched.

So yeah. Add skin biopsy to the list. She said I should have the results by Friday.

Let's see if we can add anything else on Friday. Transvaginal ultrasound, anyone?

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