Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Self-indulgent Whininess

So, I'm going to take a minute to whine because I can.

I've had a bit of a craptastic year. It's June, and I haven't had a single month without a doctor's appointment. My thyroid still isn't regulated, and I'm about to lose my insurance. I know that if it isn't normal next time I see my doctor, she is going to insist on an endocrinologist.

I'm seeing a dermatologist Monday to figure out why I keep getting skin infections. That's probably going to mean several months of medication that I may not be able to afford unless I get a new job right away. I also have a couple moles that she is probably going to say are suspect.

I went to the dentist because I lost a filling and I find out that unless I get a $300 mouth guard, I'm going to grind my teeth right down to the root. Now, unless I get a job with dental insurance, I can't afford to get all the fillings replaced that I need to have replaced.

If I don't have insurance come next month, I need to stop taking the medicne I'm taking for anxiety. Not good timing on that one.

My car needs new shocks and probably new brakes.

I got behind financially in March for a coworker's wedding, and I haven't been able to catch up since. And the beauty of it is that I wasn't even in the wedding. The further beauty of it is that after I was summarily dismissed on Monday, Boss Lady asked her if she had anything she wanted to say, and she announced that I had just been too negative lately and it was a good thing I was leaving.

First, there was no reason for her to be in the room for that. Second, I had just been let go. She did not have to rub salt in the wound. Third, no one in the office was as negative as she is. But, she is being promoted with Boss Lady leaving, and she is feeling a bit of that power going to her head, I think. But I'm sure she'll be complaining about the amount of work she now has to do any time now.

I'm really hating 2006 right now.

Still, I'm trying to keep a positive attitude. The interview I have on Tuesday has a lot of promise, and sounds really interesting. This may end up being the best thing that could have happened to me.

Of course, I could be living under a bridge come August.

Tomorrow, I may share some of the plot of the Great American Novel. Then again, maybe I won't. Someone from Hollywood could happen upon it and steal it. Lord knows they could use an original idea.

I'm officially done whining for the evening. Thank you for your attention.

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