Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Challenge from my Visitors, Please!!!!

If you just want to read the challenge part, scroll to the bottom of the post. If you are interested in my extremely boring life, read on.

First, the good news - both biopsies came back negative. Yay!

The semi-bad news is that I'm apparently growing more staph. I blame the heat.

I am bored. Really, really, bored. In the past two and a half days, I have rolled balls of yarn (more than I care to mention), finished two scarves that are part of my plan to save the world through crochet, wrote another couple pages of the ol' novel before I hit a block, made chicken salad, watched the same episode of Antiques Roadshow about six times, played countless games of solitaire, and went for a walk around the lake.

Oh, and I also discovered that Amazon now has a grocery section. I put together a wish list of staple items, just in case I run into trouble mid-July, and some random kind solul wants to take pity on me. I'm definitely more or less OK until then, though.

See, I'm between a rock and a hard place. I'm afraid to apply and or interview for jobs, because I really, really want the one at the computer company, but the recruiter said that the earliest I would hear would be July 10th. I can sell plasma for a couple weeks if I have to (again, I never thought I would see that in writing), and fortunately, I like ramen noodles. I just never thought I would have to return to that phase of my life.

Anyway, back to the title of this post. In an effort to alleviate my boredom and keep my skill sharp, I invite anyone who happens across this blog to give me a writing challenge. Give me a main character with at least one trait, a setting, a theme and/or a genre. Over the course of the next couple days, I will respond with a scene. I don't write sex, because it makes me blush, and I don't write gory, gratuitous violence or horror.

Leave your challenge in the comments, and check back in a few days.


Tim said...

hmm.. I don't know if I would wait that long before looking around for something, especially if the computer job isn't a sure thing, you might miss the chance at something else in the meantime. You could always quit when and if you get hired. But best of luck whatever you decide! I might challenge you with something in a couple of days if no one else does...I always have things rolling around in my head. lol

tomzgrrl said...

An insurance salesman who is a pathological liar -- at his high school reunion -- a comedy.