Thursday, June 29, 2006

So I figured out why I had a prescription waiting at the pharmacy even though I didn't drop one off and my doctor didn't call one in. Apparently, my pharmacy has an automatic refill service. The only problem is that they refilled the old thyroid prescription. I know it has changed every 6 weeks, but still.

I finished two scarves today. Actually, one started out as an afghan, but I realized that I was never going to finish it, so it turned into a scarf. That makes three total done, and a fourth started. Some folks somewhere in the north are going to be warmer this winter. That's my way to make the world a little bit better.

You are probably saying, though, "Why scarves?" Easy answer. They are easy to make, and you can see the progress, whereas afghans take forever. And hats...well, they involve actual counting. We've established many times that I can't do that well.

Oh, and I need to share the dream I had the other last night (actually, it was just before I woke up this morning). I dreamed that my family was having a family reunion at the Kirk House, the house where I lived in college. Everybody was there, including people I've never even seen before, let alone met, and dead folks. And they all brought their pets with them. The bulletin board in the dining room served as a message board for the week.

I, in short, was miserable. Between the animals, all of which I was allergic to, and all the people - all the annoying, grudge-holding, Sheryl-criticizing people - I just wanted to pull my hair out. I tried to avoid interacting with the family by sitting in the "lurking chair" in the corner of the dining room and pretending I was talking to one of the house directors on the phone (Amy, that would be your final co-worker). The only problem was that all of a sudden he was standing right next to me, and I was found out. So I wrote him a note and stuck it on the bulletin board in a see-through envelope above my mailbox. Just then, and huge Great Dane went running through the dining room and into the women's wing, and that's when the phone ringing woke me up.

Yes, my unconscious does like to torment me every now and then. Why do you ask?

Oh, and I just read a recipie for gazpatcho that actually sounds good. Too bad I don't have a blender. I don't think my little food chopper would be up for the task.

TG, I started working on the scene you set. I'm trying really, really hard for comedy, but my comedy usually turns rather dark. But I am trying.

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