Friday, June 30, 2006

So this past week I applied for unemployment. I figured that I didn't have anything to lose, because the worst that could happen is that I would be turned down. Turns out I wasn't.

See, the law in Louisiana says you can be terminated for cause, and if you didn't cause your employer any material harm, you can still receive benefits. There is no way I cause my employer any harm at all. I divulged no trade secrets, no financial information, and no acquisition information that wasn't already public. I didn't even file for reimbursement for my mileage. If anything, I increased good will with a vendor.

Plus, I was given no warning, and my performance reveiw two weeks prior was satisfactory. I made a judgment call because my manager wasn't available to be consulted, and it turns out my judgment was wrong. And I have proof that I did try to contact my manager on many occassions and she did not return my calls or e-mails. Documentation is a fine thing.

So this gives me a little bit of flexibility to wait to see if the computer company hires me. I have an interview with a medical clinic on Monday, but it isn't really a position I want. If offered, though, I would have taken it. Now I can turn it down if I need to.

The benefit isn't much, but it is enough to pay my rent, electric bill, phone bill and car insurance, and still have enough for food and my most important prescription (if I can eat 3 meals a day on $20 a week...I can if I have to, even though I don't like peanut butter). The only problem is that I don't have enough for my student loans, and I just reached a new payment agreement on them. Sigh.

In other news, I finished another scarf. I also wrote a little more on TG's scene. I have to say sorry in advance, because it is turning out to not be a comedy in my head. Though it does have humorous scenes, it really ends up being kind of sad. I wanted the main character to be a real jerk, but he ends up being kind of sympathetic. I'm playing with the point of view a little bit on this one. The narrator is really more of a reporter; we are seeing the external expressions and actions, but the thoughts are completely hidden. I've never written anything like this, so we'll see how it goes.

Oh, and I wrote more of the Great American Novel in my head. I found a new character I wasn't expecting, too. He may turn out to be a love interest. He may not. We shall see...

I got my hair cut at the beauty school today. It was getting shaggy, and I'm in good impression mode, so I can't have that. It isn't quite what I wanted, but $12 bucks and free samples of expensive hair products isn't a bad deal.

If any of y'all plan to visit south Louisiana any time, don't come from May through September. It's like living in the ninth circle of hell, only with more humidity. We've had over 40 straight days of 90+ degree temperatures, with near 100% humidity. How we can have that much humidity and still be in the midst of a drought because we've had no rain is beyond me.

The best time to visit has to be March or April. The weather is fine, the humidity is low, and all the flowers are in bloom (actually, the spring flowers bloom here in late January/February - the summer flowers are coming out in March and April). Everything is green, and alive, and beautiful.

I guess that's all for now. I may have more to say at a later time...or not.

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