Thursday, November 01, 2007

Word to the wise:

When you take a medication that acts on insulin and blood sugar (even when you don't take if for diabetes - I take it to keep my insulin levels under control and to keep my female hormones doing what they are supposed to do), it is a really, really bad idea to take it in the morning and not eat breakfast.

That is what I did today.

I had to eat half of my lunch about an hour and a half after I got to work. Then, after I ate the rest of my lunch an hour later, my blood sugar plummetted. I got headachey, my stomach hurt, and I just generally felt like...well...something that I try to refrain from saying in my blog.

I just made a Walgreens run and returned with half of the Halloween candy isle, and sweet tea. On the plus side, I feel a thousand percent better after just drinking the tea and having a few 3 Musketeers Minis. Did you know that they come in flavors now? French Vanilla, Strawberry, and Mocha Cappuchino.

I had something else to say on this auspicious occasion of the first day of NaNoBloPo '07, but it is gone now. Perhaps I will remember it later.

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