Thursday, November 08, 2007

Automotive Adventures

So I got the ball joint (and CV joint) on my car fixed, and my starter went.

I had noticed a little hesitation in the morning when I start my car the past week or so, but only when it's cold. Well, when I went to pick up my car after the joints were replaced (to the tune of $521), it wouldn't turn over. But the starter motor was running, even without the key in the car. Well, the mechanic hit it with a screwdriver and it stopped, and after a couple of tries, it turned over. The car fixing place where I was doesn't do that type of work, and I had decided to take ti somewhere that did on Monday since I'm off.

So on the way home, I had to stop for gas (I was spot on E). I turned the car off, then couldn't get it to start again. I had to push it into a parking space in the back of the gas station by myself, despite the fact that there were several able bodied men standing around getting gas. At least this time I managed to not run myself over or run the car into a utility pole like I did the last couple times I had to push my car by myself.

I called a tow truck, and he took me and my car to a different place than I was going to take it to, but that was within walking distance of my apartment in case the tow truck guy wouldn't give me a ride home (he did). It cost $87.

If it's the starter, it'll be about $350, maybe a little more. If it's something electrical, it could be less (a wire or a fuse) or it could be more (a solenoid, whatever that is - it sounds expensive, though).

I'm at the stage where I am going to be nickle-and-dimed to death, I think. I was planning to wait until May to buy a new car, but I may just start going on test drives now and seeing what kind of financing I can get.


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