Tuesday, November 06, 2007

It's a Small World

Here's what's funny to me about blogging.

Today I've been surfing around to random blogs (I'm in a holding pattern at work at the moment, while I wait for some stupid writers to finally get me their stupid proposal sections - I should have just taken the day off). I found a blog I kind of liked, so I read back a few weeks. Then I looked at her blog roll, and there are about four or five other blogs on there that I read regularly (that don't appear on my sidebar either). That's happened to me a couple of times today, just by clicking different randomizer links.

It just strikes me how interconnected the blogging world is. I'm sure that there is some kind of analogy or metaphor for world peace or something in there, but I'm in a literal kind of place at the moment, thanks to the project I'm working on.

I wish I could share more than the vague aspects of my job with all of you (I write and edit proposals for a company that does a lot of work with government), because sometimes the specifics are either funny or frustrating, or, occassionally, mind-numbingly boring and I'd love to vent and get all sarcastic with them. But not only are there trade secret issues at state, there are…bigger things at stake.

Also, because I only use my right thumb to hit the space bar on my keyboard (that whole year of Ms. Allie harping on my in typing class obviously did no good at all), there is a shiny spot on my space bar where the constant thumb-hitting has worn away the texture to smoothness.

That has nothing to do with anything, but I felt compelled to share, nonetheless.

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