Thursday, November 15, 2007

On Behalf of Single People Everywhere...

...I hearby claim President's Day as our holiday.

What brought this on, you ask? Well, I wrote before about how I had hoped to take some time off around Thanksgiving. Well, that's not going to happen. My boss conveniently gave me a series of proposals that are all due right around that time. And I won't be taking time off around Christmas, but that's voluntary on my part, as I am the only one in the department with no family at all.

But I really, really need time off at some point in time. So I've decided that I should take some time around President's Day. There are no family traditions centered around that day, so there should be no interfering with anything if I take time off.

Of course, I may lose my mind by then. I really, really, really need some time off.

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tomzgrrl said...

Let me now be the one to tell you that Presidents' Day usually translates into a day off from school -- which, to this mom, usually translates into a request to have the day off.

I think it STINKS that your boss and life in general conspire against you because of your status as Single. I've read articles in Working Mother magazine from the perspective of "they don't understand why I need to be home" -- but I can so totally see your side. Why should your life and your time off be less valued?

I'm sorry. It seems like reverse discrimination. At our work, we have to take turns -- if you had off near Christmas this year, the other person gets first dibs next year.