Friday, November 23, 2007

It's Tomorrow

Though really, it's today. I'll leave you to ponder that little mystery on your own time.

So, survived dinner at BB's house (BB because Boss's Boyfriend is too hard to type over and over). BB's parents were very nice, and surprisingly openminded for Baptists. I would think most of them would have issues with having an openly gay child.

The turkey was good, but the No regular potatoes - just sweet potatoes, which I don't eat. The only vegetables were peas and green beans - neither of which do I eat. Cornbread dresssing, which I ate a little bit of to be polite, but that I really don't like (it's all meally and dry and icky - but southerners seem to like it). I ate a little of a couple of things I don't like to be polite.

The rolls were quite good, though. They were from Whole Foods.

After dinner, and post dinner conversation, we adjourned to the livingroom where we watched a "How It's Made" marathon on the Science Channel. I know more now about how they hatch chicks in a hatchery than I want to know. It kind of makes me want to go only buy my chicken from local farmers with free range chickens now - to heck with the cost.

Then we watched Wheel of Fortune, whihc I haven't seen in years and years. Boy, they really changed it a lot. That was followed by Ugly Betty which is interesting to watch with gay guys. We watched half an hour of Grey's Anatomy before BB's parents went to bed and we could turn off the TV and have conversation. I stayed until about 10:30.

It was a good day really. Plus, I got to play with the doggies. That's why I had to wait until this morning to post this - allergies. I know I have them, but I love dogs. I'll put up with the inconvenience for the chance to pet dogs. I love dogs.


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