Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Today has been really, really slow again. So I have spent my time looking at recipes on Cooks.com. I've decided I need to cook more.

Oh, and there is great sorrow in the land in my office. The company Christmas party is limited to two free drinks. I don't drink (much), so that's fine by me, but many, many folks are more than a little upset.

I don't plan to stay long anyway, so I have no cause to complain. Parties just aren't my thing. So yes, I am going to spend over $100 on the fancy purple dress to spend an hour at this shindig. Yes, I am an idiot.


tiffany said...

do you watch foodnetwork?

i became addicted to it when i had mono, and i'm also a big fan of foodnetwork.com.

has this made me a better cook?
the jury's still out on that one.

Sheryl said...

I did watch Food Network before I gave up cable (I decided that paying 50 bucks a month for the five or six channels I actually watched wasn't worth it).

I never watched the shows where they actually showed you how to cook, though. I tended to watch the ones about travel, and festivals, and the like. The Rachel Ray one where she traveled the world on like, 40 bucks a day, was one of my favorites.