Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hello, It's Me

So, I'm going to continue in the vein of randomness and share a whole bunch of unconnected stuff with all of you today. Don't you feel privledged? Huh?

(suffers the indignity of resounding silence...)

  • I think I need to see my dermatologist again. I had another staph infection (which the antibiotics cleared up nicely), and she prescribed antibiotics without seeing me. But now my skin is freakishly dry and itchy. Plus I just had another mole pop up as if from nowhere, and it's pretty big. Crap. I hate doctors.
  • Speaking of skin, I found a great new website if you are into skin and bath products and stuff like that. They have a lot of European products all in one place. I just bought some Lily of the Valley perfume that actully smells like lillies of the valley. Casswell-Massey and Crabtree&Evelyn never did. I love it! There prices are pretty good compared to other sites I've seen, and their shipping is incredibly low. Plus, they will gift wrap for free.
  • The co-worker I've written about before? The one who intimidates the living daylights out of me because she is sooo much cooler and more sophisticated than I could ever hope to be? She's leaving. She got a really great job opportunity. I wish I could say that I'm sorry to see her go, but I'm not. She's the reason I was working late last night, and yes, it's not her fault she was sick, but it just seemed too convenient that it happened to coincide with a proposal she didn't want to work on in the first place.
  • The Great American Novel. Sigh. If only I could get all the stuff in my head on paper, without actually having to type it.
  • I'll grant that I was a pretty shy kid in college. And I'll grant that I was one of the few who didn't drink until I was 21, and even then was never drunk (heck, I was designated driver for my 21st birthday). But I'd like to believe that no amount of alcohol in the world would cause me to strip naked and go skinny dipping in an apartment complex pool, where all 150 or so units overlook it. Why yes, I did witness this in my complex the other night. It was pouring down rain, to boot.
  • The sample lables on the Blogger Beta posting page are scooters, vacation, fall. I really want to write a post that incorporates all three, so I can make use of them. Perhaps I shall write about the accident where I fell from my scooter while on vacation in the fall. That is totally made up, by the way. I'm way too uncoordinated for scooters. Heck, I broke my foot twice, once while practicing the Mexican Hat Dance and once when I was walking down some stairs. I shudder to think what a scooter could do to me.
  • Is deep, deep purple an OK color to wear for a holiday party? If it is, I think I've found my outfit for the company Christmas party. I shall post pictures later.
  • Finally, in honor of Halloween, the absolute best Halloween costumes I ever had were the the year I was the Queen of Hearts (my mom made an absolutely stunning gown out of nylon net, and I wore a white nightgown underneath it), and the year I was a stop light (My dad cut three holes in a big cardboard box and covered them with red, yellow, and green cellophane. I had a flashlight inside and could shine it through the colors. Unfortunately, he had to go up to houses with me because I couldn't carry my treat bag myself).
  • Finally for real, I think my hair is falling out. I'm wearing a cream colored sweater today, and I just looked down at my shoulders, and there is hair all over the place. That's not good.

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Pamela said...

I'm fairly relaxed about my body and I've consumed massive amounts of alcohol in my lifetime and I've never skinny dipped, ever. Not even close. I don't understand the appeal. Maybe I'm not as fairly relaxed about my body as I think I am.