Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Hills are Alive...

...and so am I.

For those of you new here, if you haven't already figured it out, I'm really bad at titles. Hence the name of my blog. I frequently resort to song titles and lyrics, or leave no title at all.

Well, here we are on day two of NaBloPoMo. So far, so good.

I just have to share the fact that I am wearing a pair of jeans I bought over three years ago that never fit (I bought the wrong size by accident, and didn't have the guts to take them back to the store). They never even came close to fitting, actually. They are still a little tight, but I can breathe, bend over, etc. Go me!

This is the outfit I mentioned yesterday. I really like the skirt a lot. The jacket on the twinset is a little iffy, but I figure I can wear a wrap or pashmina or something instead.
What do you think?
And finally this afternoon, proof that everybody needs somebody sometime.

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