Monday, November 06, 2006

I can't believe I have three more hours of work before I can go home. Sigh. That's what I get for sleeping in today.

I've had insomnia lately (except for Saturday, when I slept all day), so I took Benadryl last night so I could get to sleep at a decent time. Yeah, it knocked me out really good. I got up to go to the bathroom at one point and I felt like I was under water, I was so groggy. Normally I wake up completely in those situations. And when my alarm went off this morning, there was no way in creation I was getting up - I wasn't physically capable of it. Next time I have to take something, I think I'll take it earlier.

The good thing is that my company doesn't care what hours you work, as long as you work at least 80 in a two week period. I really like that about us.

I'm going to get the purple outfit for the Christmas party. I looked at it in person this weekend, and I really liked it. Now I just need to find jewelery, shoes, etc. Sigh. It's tough being a girl.

Oh, but my nails are growning and not breaking! My nails have been brittle for so long that I've forgotten what it was like for them to grow like this. As soon as they are all a decent length, I'm going to treat myself to a real manicure, maybe even at a spa. And maybe I'll even get a pedicure. Yeah.

But first, I need to get my hair cut. It's really long, and when it gets really long, it gets tangled. I actually broke a comb trying to get a knot out today. And not one of those cheapie combs. This was a good one.

That is enough girliness for a while. I may be back later in the day.

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