Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New Name

Ol' Adalbert Lightfoot, the hippie neighborhood association president in The Great American Novel has a new name:
Androcles Crittenden.
Yes, it is another name I found in my g-mail spam.  I haven't decided if he is going to go by that or by a nickname yet.
Oh, and there is something slightly subversive about drinking wine out of a Winnie the Pooh mug at 4:30 in the afternoon while you are still at work.  We were celebrating the election.  Or drowning our sorrows, for one or two of us.
I was on the celebrating side.


tomzgrrl said...

About as subversive as drinking wine from a Mr. Kool Aid cup at age 18 with your mom, your brother, and a priest -- eating pizza and listening to Janet Jackson!

There were aspects of this election I mourned and some I celebrated -- especially Ohio banning smoking in restaurants! Yay, my asthma gets a break even when I don't want to cook!!!!

Sheryl said...

I think you win. We were eating ginger snaps and listening to The Mommas and the Poppas and Madonna.