Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Missed Big Brother because I'm still at work. But I know Janelle got POV again because I couldn't wait to find out and checked out the Television Without Pity forums. I'm telling you - it's fixed.

ARGH! I missed Neil Patrick Harris! One of my fondest memories of my freshman year of college was sitting with just about every other person in my dorm in the TV lounge and watching Doogie Howser, MD on Wednesday nights. Yes, it was sad that a bunch of 18 year old women (and a few 18 year old men - one half of one floor in the dorm was men) were watching a show about a 16 year old doctor (and drooling over said doctor). What can I say - he was cute! He still is, as a matter of fact.

Though I must say, my heart will always belong to Rob Morrow. I think I've maintained that celebrity crush longer than any other, even if he did name his daughter Tuesday (the call her Tue...as in Tue Morrow).

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