Sunday, August 20, 2006

Yeah, Mike is the essence of evil. Though I really wish George (I refuse to call him Chicken George) had put Janelle up instead of Howie.

Even though Mike is slimier than Will, I know that Will will end up winning, because Mike isn't subtle enough. It is going to come down to him and Will, and Will will win because he didn't alienate everyone who got voted out the way Mike did.

Superhero Popsicles are the best ever. They come in Captian America (the traditional red, white and blue - cherry, lemon, and blue raspberry), Spiderman (Black (sorta), blue, and red - Strawberry Kiwi, blue rasperry, and cherry), and Hulk (green apple). Not a bad flavor in the bunch - in other words, no orange in site.

Oh, and as a rant to close this post, I hate that pretty much every public school district in the country has stopped teaching kids how to think and commenced with teaching them how to pass standardized tests. Thank you George W. for turning out hundreds of thousands of automatons in the name of "No Child Left Behind."

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