Sunday, August 20, 2006

OK, the Y chromosome-bearing portion of my readership may want to skip the next couple paragraphs, unless you want to read about, you know, girly stuff.

I bought a new bra after I got paid because absolutely none of mine fit properly. I somehow managed to randomly pick the best bra ever. The cups are all cotton, and the band is supportive, but soft. Plus it doesn't itch at all.

But the absolutely best part? The band was 3 sizes smaller than the last bra I bought. Yay!

OK, men...Welcome Back.

So we had the young adult's lunch at church today. And for the first time I am starting to feel a little less young and a little more adult. That makes me kind of sad.

See, they were talking about MySpace and FaceBook as a means of planning stuff. And of course, I had to put the damper on that one because I don't have an academic e-mail address. Then the discussion turned to the fact that people use it to reconnect with their high school friends, and one girl mentioned that she graduated high school in 2000. I wanted to cry. I graduated 11 years earlier. We had forgotten to plan our first milestone reunion during her 11th grade year. When I took my SATs for the first time, she was learning to write her letters in Kindergarten.

That's when I realized that this is probably my last year as a young adult. Sigh.

By the way, I am watching a really craptastic movie staring Lance Bass and possibly one or more other members of 'NSync. Jerry Stiller is in it also, and the guy who used to be on News Radio. It is kind of odd watching him play a romantic lead now knowing he is gay. Just thought I'd mention that.

Also? Fruit flies are minions of Satan, sent to drive innocent apartment dwellers nuts. And they still haven't caulked the the little holes in my wall where they are probably getting in. Of course, since they are apparently tearing the building down in January, it doesn't really matter. (I'll write about that some other time - I don't feel like thinking about it right now.)

I think I shall take a nap, since the fires of Hell seem to have escaped along with the fruit flies. It is too hot to do anything else.

I may be back later.

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