Sunday, September 03, 2006

Well, I missed Big Brother again because I was...guess work. But I'm not complaining. The money is good, and more importantly, I love what I'm doing. I love the feeling of seeing a proposal I worked on wrapped up and sent off to the requestor. It is such a sense of accomplishment, something I haven't had on a job in a long time. I'm tired, but it's a good kind of tired.

The check engine light came on in my car again. I have to work tomorrow, so my boss said I could take off a day next week to get it fixed. I'll have a very nice paycheck thanks to all the overtime. (In the first 8 days of this pay period, I've worked 70 hours). I'm just afraid the mechanic will tell me that it's hopeless. Or, it could just need a tune up, though I'm pretty sure I need shocks, too. Sigh.

I will say that the current condition of the parking lot of my apartment building isn't helping any. They are doing construction on new condominiums next door, and the trucks going through our lot have wreaked havoc with it. Potholes everywhere, and the temporary driveway, which is just gravel covered dirt, is horrible. I wish they would just tell us that they are going to tear down the building so I could move out without a penalty.

Guess I'm going to sleep now, though I really need to do laundry. Meh. I'll get up early tomorrow.

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