Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I had the best day ever. I was off today, since I had to work yesterday and Sunday. I slept in, showered with the fancy shower gel that I normally only use if I'm going out somewhere, used the fancy shampoo I only use once every couple weeks, and wore my Academy Awards outfit (check out a few posts back if you don't know what I am talking about). Then I went to the post office and picked up a print I ordered from this website (It was titled Eleanor, which was my grandmother's name, and it was pink flowers, which were her favorites). From there I went to Target, where I bought a frame and some lavender shower gel (the fancy gel got used because I was out of the every day stuff) and body spray. And I bought headphones so I can listen to music while I write at work. Oh, and I got a peach smoothie from Sonic.

All in all, it was a very girly day. I did realize, however that it is a bad idea to walk through the baby section at Target when you are hormonal. I stood there looking at the Classic Pooh baby stuff for the longest time, and I almost bought a little green elephant.

Oh, and I got to watch Big Brother tonight. Will went home. I'm kinda sad. Yes, he was a liar and a manipulator, and all that, but he was at least upfront about being a jerk. And there was actually something endearing about him.

Mike, on the other hand, needs to be taken out back and shot. He's just creepy. Fortunately, there is no chance he will win, because I refuse to believe those women could be that stupid.

I never thought Erica would make it this far.

Oh, and a note on the Rock Star show that comes after BB (which I'm watching because I'm too lazy to get up and adjust the antenna to watch something else)? People who pierce anything on their faces other than their ears or noses also need to be taken out back and shot. It looks ridiculous. The same goes for unkempt, multicolor hair.

When did I become my parents?

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tomzgrrl said...

You wore the Academy Awards outfit, but did you duct-tape your boobs together? Just trying to form the appropriate mental image!!LOL!!

Oh, and I agree -- I will miss Will but Mike Boogie needs to be dragged down Sunset Blvd by his manhood.