Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So I invested $25 in getting my credit reports and scores on line. Interestingly, my credit isn't as bad as I though it was, and I think I can make it better relatively easily.

I hate the thought of buying a new car, though. But if I do, it might not be a bad think long-term. I can afford payments on a $10000 loan, even at a 20% interest rate. It will be tight, but I can afford it.

And maybe I can use it as motivation to actually get my backside moving on the Great American Novel - or the not-so-great American short fiction, or freelancing, or whatever - so I can pick up some extra cash.

The thought of a loan scares me, though. I've never had one, except for my student loan. I guess it's just one more step into being a real grown up.


tomzgrrl said...

Loans are a GOOD thing when you're trying to build or improve your credit. It shows that you can be trusted to pay back -- reliably and over time -- money someone lends to you. Would be GREAT to have that on your credit record if you ever get in the position where you want to buy your own home. . .

Tim said...
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