Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We had a "daddy shower" today for a co-worker who is expecting his first child on Friday (his wife is being induced). We all chipped in and managed to get a boatload of stuff for them, and to buy a flock of chicks for a family in a developing country from in honor of his baby boy.

I went to that big, bricks and morter bookstore last night, the one that doesn't rhyme with orders, to get this book for him (the reason, by the way, is a very long story). I ended up buy two more books for him, too, and a stuffed tiger (or maybe tiger-striped cat - who knows?). One of the books I bought caught my eye because it was on the Valentine table in the children's section, and because the cover illustration is adorable. I looked for a daddy themed book so I could be balanced, but couldn't find one. Anyway, if you are a mother, or if you have a mother, or if you are married to a mother, go buy this book. It made me cry in that big book store that doesn't rhyme with orders. Of course, the fact that I am PMSing probably has something to do with that, but still. It is beautiful, and touching, and beautiful.

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LutherPunk said...

I really enjoyed this book when Mrs. LP was pregnant with our daughter: