Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm having one of those weeks at work where I am essentially in a holding pattern. The proposal I'm working on will be written one way if we decide to do one thing and another way if we don't, and I can't do my parts until that decision is made. Plus, it's a really frustrating proposal either way.

So, I think I have surfed out the known internet. I have completely run out of my usual suspects for reading when things get bored. Either people aren't updating, or there is nothing interesting out there, or whatever. It makes for a very long day.

So, World, here is your opportunity to share some of your favorite spots on the web with me, and by extension, everyone else because I'll post a list. My interests are huge and varied, and I'm willing to try something new (within reason).

Post your links in my comments, and I'll compile them for the world at large (after I check them out, of course - nothing obscene or NSFW, please).

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