Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Can cats have post-partum depression? Because I think Gray Cat has it.

She was always the more aloof one, hesitant to approach people, but grateful for the food. But since she had her babies (which I have now seen with my own eyes - they are adorable), she has been much friendlier with people.

Lately, though, she has been really needy. Every time I step outside, she's rubbing on my legs. She even lets me pet her now. Then yesterday, she was scratching madly on my window despite the fact that I put out plenty of food and water. I got up to see what the problem was, but there wasn't one. She didn't even try to get in when I opened the door. She just wanted me to watch her walk around, lay down, and eventually go over and eat some food. So I did for a few minutes, then I went back in. She was content from then on out.

Then when I left this morning, I petted her for a minute, but then I had to leave for work. She sat there looking up at me with sad eyes, and kind of trilled at me (I don't know cats, so I didn't know this sound. It wasn't a meow, though, and it wasn't a purr or a cry. I don't have a better description than trilling). I felt bad.

That's when I decided that she must be depressed. And since she had babies, and they are apparently weaned now (they have been eating the food the neighbor puts out, which means that Gray Cat and Brown Cat have been eating the food that I put out like there is no tomorrow), she must have post-partum depression.

She really is a sweet little cat. I might try to own her for real if I wasn't allergic.

Brown Cat, on the other hand, makes me nervous. She looks like she is one step away from deciding to rip your throat out in your sleep. And she is quite demanding, too.

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