Thursday, January 03, 2008

Car Update

Well, according to Auto Zone, I have a misfire in my 4th cylinder. Since I have a 4 cylinder car, no wonder it feels like it is dragging.

Thing is, I just had a tune up last year, right before my transmission went out (because before the transmission gave, the only problem the computer recorded were misfires). This makes me think it is something more than a spark plug. In fact, I know it is. That is the cylinder where they mechanic guy said it was seeping oil into the spark I never got that fixed, because it would cost a couple hundred dollars, and the mechanic said I'd be OK without it.

So here is the current plan. I'm going to call my trusty chain mechanic (Tire Kingdom, if you are interested - they do a great job) to see if they will replace the one spark plug to see if that'll turn off the check engine light. If they will, that'll be one of my stops tomorrow. I'm also going to the OMV (that's the DMV, for those of you who are someplace else) to see if I can get a duplicate title for my current car. I'm hoping that physically going there will expidite the process. This weekend, I'll be giving my car as thorough a cleaning out as I can. On Monday, I am test driving a new car (yes, the Honda Fit). If I like it, and if they can work out financing I can afford, I'm getting a new car.

I had planned to wait so that I'd have some time to save a down payment, but I'm afraid of what's next. Plus, I really hate the fact that my heat and A/C don't really work, and getting a new compressor installed will be about $600. That isn't happening.

So, if they can give me $1000 in trade, and work out the financing so that I don't have a completely crazy interest rate, I can afford it now.

The thought scares me, though. In my mind, a car note makes you a real grown-up (though not as much of a grown up as a house note), and I've never had a car note. Weird.

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