Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Meme Time

OK. LP tagged me for a truly heinous meme that I am not going to do at this time since it involves actual thought and research. Instead, I am going to do the year in review meme that is floating around everywhere. For this one, you write the first line of the first post for each month of the preceding year. So here goes.

Before you start wondering, I haven't forgotten my promised campaign post. (2008 Note - Yeah, I've abandoned my presidential campaign. Feel free to write me in, though, if you don't like any of the candidates left when your state's primary rolls around.)

Well, if the fact that all I want to do is eat chocolate is any indication, the medicine to the...ahem...female things...going again is working. (2008 Note - UGH!)

Hello, faithful readers. (2008 Note - Well, that's generic)

This is one of the saddest things I have read in a long time. (2008 Note - there was a link there, but I don't know if it still works)

I feel like crap, but I'm alive and home. (2008 Note - written one day after surgery)

On my last post, LP asked what Eat'n Park was, and if it was similar to Sonic. (2008 Note - If you are wondering, it's not, anymore)

Sigh. I've said it before and I'll say it again - my church really needs to move services to 11:05 instead of 11. (2008 Note - I still think this.)

Can I just announce that I just got a 10% raise? (2008 Note - My paycheck still seems to vanish just as fast.)

So, I never quite made it out of my jammies today. (2008 Note - I love those days!)

Every blogger I read regularly is either having a baby or sending a kid off to kindergarten or college. (2008 Note - Change that to every person I know. Sigh. It's our own 21st Century Baby Boom!)

Word to the wise: When you take a medication that acts on insulin and blood sugar (even when you don't take if for diabetes - I take it to keep my insulin levels under control and to keep my female hormones doing what they are supposed to do), it is a really, really bad idea to take it in the morning and not eat breakfast. (2008 Note - Still a bad idea.)

My head is full of mucous, and I have so much fluid in my ears that I get dizzy when I turn my head. (2008 Note - Eeww)

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