Thursday, January 31, 2008

Here are some pictures for you.

This is the baby blanket I just finished that I mentioned before. Seriously, if anyone wants it, let me know. It is free, and the shipping is free.

This is the fantastic sunset as seen from my office window - I was too lazy to go downstairs and outside.


tomzgrrl said...

Not that I don't WANT your baby blanket (because it's pretty) -- but since I don't get any more babies -- have you ever heard of Project Linus? Do they have a chapter near you? They collect blankets for people -- especially for kids who may need some security. Maybe they'd like it. Or a children's shelter???? Just a thought.

Sheryl said...

Yeah, I usually give them to the church ladies who make fleece blankets for the charity hospital to put in with theirs, but they are inactive for a while because...well...they are really old. If a few of them are sick, or visiting their kids or grandkids, or whatever, they stop meeting, and therefore stop making blankets.

I'll probably give the next batch to the St. Vincent de Paul shelter. That's what I did with the scarves I made when I was on a scarf kick.