Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I have a sudden, bizarre, and almost uncontrollable urge to go roller skating.
I haven't been skating since college, and I'm lousy at it since I have no balance.  I imagine I'm even worse since I broke my ankle.
But I really, really want to go skating.  I can feel myself gliding along, wind in my hair, falling on my face (or if I'm lucky, the back of my front).
Sigh.  There are no roller rinks in Baton Rouge (though there is one in Denham), so I suppose the urge will have to go unanswered.


Little Miss said...

Umm...actually, there is one in Baton Rouge, off of Tiger Bend (about two blocks from Airline Highway).

My daughter went to a birthday party there just last year.

; )

Erika said...

Nope, they just closed it down. A new company bought it and they are turning it into some sort of entertainment complex with climbing walls and the such. Not sure if there will still be skating or not.