Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Bored, and more bored.  So, with apologies to the Beverly Hillbillies...
Come and listen to my tale 'bout a man named Jerry
He was sorta tall, and really kinda hairy.
He left one day lookin' for a girl to wed,
But he tripped on a root and hit his head instead
"OW!" he said
"Darn Root!"
"Gosh Darn Tree"
Well, what do you know? Ol' Jerry lost his mind
He wandered far and wide, and some folks wasn't kind
He looked far and wide and couldn't remember why,
'til some pretty girl came up and said, "Oh, Hi."
"Wow!" he said
"You're cute."
"Let's get hitched."
And my tale ends there because I ran out of verses.  If you want to play, pick a TV theme song of your choice and continue the story.  Leave me a comment so I know where to read.

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