Monday, October 22, 2007

Sorry, Guys

Here is another girly post. Feel free to skip.

OK. I found a bra that I really like (though I would like it more if the band were one size bigger).

It's a cup size larger than I usually buy. I've decided that cup size, despite every brand having the same guidelines for when you measure yourself, is really an objective thing. I have a bra at home that is a C cup (my usual size) that could easily accomodate about six socks in addition to me in each cup. It is huge, as is the other one I bought in that brand when I needed a bra in a hurry to go with something low-cut (longtime readers will recognize it as the bra that I decided would work better as a beanie hat because the cups were literally as big around as my head). Others I have in that size are too tight or fit just right.

I feel like the Goldilocks of bra shopping.

Anyway, this new one that I bought is a cotton/lycra blend. The cups themselves are just cotton (without lycra). This is good in that they don't stretch and in that I can't wear anything but cotton cups anymore (ever since my surgery, all my nylon and lace bras make me itch like mad - not a good thing in that area, as reaching inside your shirt to scratch your boobs is generally frowned upon in business meetings). There is wide, non-undewire support under the cups, and a wide band.

It's really supportive and really comfortable, and, like I said, my one wish is that they would make it one band size larger (though I think band sizes are subjective, too), or that they would spread the sets of hooks out a little bit more (they are really crammed together back there, and a little more separation might be enough to fix everything.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.

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